Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

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14.5 miles

The Jackson Baldwin Trail is a 14.5 mile paved rail trail in Florida between the areas of Jacksonville and Baldwin. The trail area was purchased from CSX Transportation in 1992. The trail has a large tree canopy over most of the its length providing excellent shade from the Florida sun.

The Jackson Baldwin Trail passes through residential areas closer to the city and more rural areas later on. There is a shooting range near the trail so there may be loud sounds from gunfire. Later the trail goes through flatwoods, wetlands and hardwood uplands. There are good opportunities to see wildlife including deer, armadillos, gopher tortoises, buzzards, hawks, wood storks and wild turkeys. Trail reviews on other web sites report several encounters with Coral Snakes which are native to Florida. Avoid these venomous snakes when seen.

Another highlight of the Jackson Baldwin Trail includes Camp Milton which was once the largest encampment of Confederate troops during the Civil War. This Civil War historical site includes the remains of a mile-long defensive works, a re-creation of a late 19th century homestead, a replica bridge, an arboretum, and extensive boardwalks.

Map of Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

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