Little Paths, Small Clearings

Even after several months of watching it, I'm still amazed at the changes that happen on the property and how fast they do!  Little paths that I had been cutting in by hand to pass through with 1 horse are now wide open roads for vehicles. Small clearings that looked quaint are wide open arenas, parking lots and future home sites. I'm working hard to keep the "forested woods" feel, but it's hard when you have utilitarian uses that need to be taken care of. 

Malabar Scrub

In my quest to find new places to ride, I came across Malabar Scrub a few years back. It's in South Palm Bay, FL, so not a terrible long drive.  As usual I had done what research I could online, so I knew it was only 400 acres and a multi use park, but that was ok because Baleigh and I were only going for the day.  

Traditional Trail Rides

It's raining.  It's always raining in Florida this time of year.  Kind of like winter in Northern California.  You have to resign yourself to the fact that if you want to ride, it will rain.  We were all lined up to ride again last night.  Kid care?  Check. Horses?  Check.  Friends to join us? Check.  Thunder, lightning, wind?  Check.  Ug!   

31 Days

Life is strolling along on the new property.  The house is FINALLY coming together and there is an end in sight.  Some day I'll actually be able to live with my horses again!  The days of complaining about hauling water to the horses are gone, we have water, wash rack, tie rack, arena, trails... all the things a horse lover could ask for.  Well, I could ask for a barn, but I promised my husband I won't for a couple of years.  Land clearing and house...