How To Train A Trail Horse

Do you have a method for training your trail horse?  Do you just get on and ride?  Do you spend specific "lessons" with your horse working on particular things?  I admit that the majority of my younger years I never thought much about training for trails, because I spent work time with my horses training for whatever arena discipline they were competing in.  We did a lot of trail riding, but just headed out the gate and down the trail.

Minis and More

If you hadn't caught on by now, I'm primarily and Appaloosa person.  I have an appreciation of all breeds and all disciplines.  I learned long ago that  there is no such thing as a bad breed, just good and bad representatives of breeds.  I've had experience of one sort or another with a good number of horses and breeds, be that training, owning, boarding or more.  None the less, I always come back to an App.