Bee Prepared on Your Trail Rides

As we enter Autumn, we need to remember that this is the season when bees or wasps are most aggressive and defensive of their nests. We were reminded of this recently when only one horse/rider combination of four returned to the ranch. We did find the others and thankfully no horses or riders were seriously injured, but they were stung repeatedly and were pretty shaken up. One particular horse took the brunt of the attack and was stung all over his body.

The Northeast’s 10 Best Trail Ride Events

When you live in the Northeast, it is easy to forget just how lucky we are to have all four seasons in such a beautiful and unique landscape. And what better way to take in the natural splendor of our states’ scenery? Trail riding! Though many of us prefer not to go on trails alone, or we may not have one near our barn, we do have fantastic organizations that work to put on the best events for members and the public. Here are 10 of the top trail rides organized around the Northeast.

Winter is the time to ride in East Central Florida!

Winter in Florida means that the bugs, heat and humidity, and daily thunderstorms are gone and crisp, glorious, blue-sky days that are perfect for horseback riding. Because winter is the dry season in Florida, it is the best time to ride in Florida's magnificent wetlands, which are usually too wet for riding the rest of the year. In this article, I describe three of my favorite places to ride which are located east/northeast of Orlando.