The NRCHA Stakes Begins in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is famous for its bright lights, non-stop excitement and world class entertainment. This week, it is also home to some of the best reined cow horses and competitors in the country, as the National Reined Cow Horse Association Stakes kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26, at the South Point Equestrian Center.

NRCHA Stakes Herd Work Preliminaries Under Way

At the National Reined Cow Horse Association Stakes in Las Vegas, Nev., competitors faced the second leg of preliminary competition, the herd work. Eight sets of Open riders tested their 4- and 5-year-old horses' skills Monday, March 31, with the remaining two Open sets scheduled for Tuesday, April 1. The Stakes Non Pro competitors and the Holy Cow Performance Horses Open Bridle Spectacular competitors also work out of the herd April 1.

Horse Training … the Straight Talk

It's a little of the old West whipped up with a whole lot of today's materialism and power. Well-known trainers pull up to the shows in the finest rigs, ride the best-bred, high-dollar horses and are treated to expensive dinners by customers who own strings of franchises or inherited fortunes. These accomplished riders have won more saddles than they remember. Buckles are just part of the ceremony.