Training a Horse to Tie

by Sharon Biggs One of the worst vices a horse can have is the inability to tie. A horse that refuses to stand tied is a liability and often dangerous. Untie-able horses eventually learn to fight so hard that they develop a habit of sitting back to break free.

What’s Wrong in This Photo?

Curb (chin strap) adjustment on curb or leverage bits is critical for safety (stopping your horse) and is also important for proper function of not only the bit and curb but the entire bridle. A curb must be attached to the cheek piece rings or curb rings of the bit. It must never be attached to the snaffle rein rings on a bit with shanks and must not be too loose or too tight. In addition to safety, proper curb adjustment will allow your horse to respond to your cues accurately.

Do You Use a Breast Collar?

By Dennis Moreland Tack Breast Collars are generally an optional item on a saddle but for disciplines like barrel racing, roping, and cow horse where our horses make quick stops and turns with powerful acceleration and pull they can be a life saver. Steep inclines on the trail are another place a breast collar is invaluable.