To Longe, Lunge or Lounge?

by Eleanor Blazer The horse lunged on the longe line. He would have rather been lounging as his lungs were lumbering. I got to thinking about the different spellings for longe. I gave Gord Wadds, author and instructor of the online course "Competitive Longe Line", a call to see if he could give me some insight.Gord told me Americans spell it "longe" and in Great Britain it’s spelled "lunge"....

I have a Barn Sweet Horse

Dear Maggie, I am 50 years old and have had a number of horses in my life. I now have a 3 year old Paint/gelding that is a pleasure to work around, he has a nice disposition and has really bonded with me. I ride him in the arena with no real problem but he has become so barn sour (in love with his stall) that when I ride him away from the barn his whole attitude changes and he goes into a bucking frenzy (not sissy bucking/he really throws a tantrum).

Do You Speak Russian?

We've all heard it. You hear it sitting in the stands at a horse show, standing in line at the local tack shop, or riding along the trail with a group of friends. It's got to be the most repeated phrase in the horse world... "My horse is perfect, except..." Regardless of the 'except,' I have come to see that those imperfections we find in our horse's training and behavior stem from a few basic problems in our horsemanship and our relationship with our horses.

Head Set Training

I have a 7 year old paint mare named 'Lacey Calico Doll.' I show her in English and Western Pleasure. BUT she does not really have a good head set! I have trained her so that when I do a see-saw on the reins she puts a head down but then she puts her head back up again! I tried doing it harder and then softer, but it does not work! I sometimes ride with a surcingle on or put her in the arena with it on her. She sometimes bucks too, because she's moody. It's a GIRL thing. (hehe) Can you help me...