I have a Barn Sweet Horse

Dear Maggie, I am 50 years old and have had a number of horses in my life. I now have a 3 year old Paint/gelding that is a pleasure to work around, he has a nice disposition and has really bonded with me. I ride him in the arena with no real problem but he has become so barn sour (in love with his stall) that when I ride him away from the barn his whole attitude changes and he goes into a bucking frenzy (not sissy bucking/he really throws a tantrum).

Do You Speak Russian?

We've all heard it. You hear it sitting in the stands at a horse show, standing in line at the local tack shop, or riding along the trail with a group of friends. It's got to be the most repeated phrase in the horse world... "My horse is perfect, except..." Regardless of the 'except,' I have come to see that those imperfections we find in our horse's training and behavior stem from a few basic problems in our horsemanship and our relationship with our horses.

Head Set Training

I have a 7 year old paint mare named 'Lacey Calico Doll.' I show her in English and Western Pleasure. BUT she does not really have a good head set! I have trained her so that when I do a see-saw on the reins she puts a head down but then she puts her head back up again! I tried doing it harder and then softer, but it does not work! I sometimes ride with a surcingle on or put her in the arena with it on her. She sometimes bucks too, because she's moody. It's a GIRL thing. (hehe) Can you help me...

From the Race Track to the Show Ring: Basic Flat Work

No matter what future plans you have for your Thoroughbred, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time on rudimentary flat work before you start whatever specialized training he needs for his future career. In the long run, you will be rewarded by a horse who is physically and mentally fit to try a new sport, rather than one who is body sore, nervous or frightened, and rank due to being rushed through the early stages of their training.

The Great Draw Rein Debate

There is no shortage of topics to discuss in the horse world. Yet few engender such forceful opinions as a debate over the use of draw reins and whether they help or hinder the schooling of a horse. Like many debates, there may be no absolute right or wrong. Each individual has to weigh the impassioned anecdotes before choosing sides.