Show Ring 101: Polished Horsemanship Part III

In this third installment of horsemanship tips, I want to talk about the first steps up to the cone and the start of your pattern. The first things that I look for (other than what we discussed in earlier articles), is for proper adjustment of tack, equipment, and communication between horse and rider. Some obvious issues are: incorrect bridle adjustment and cinches not tightened up and tucked away

To Longe, Lunge or Lounge?

by Eleanor Blazer The horse lunged on the longe line. He would have rather been lounging as his lungs were lumbering. I got to thinking about the different spellings for longe. I gave Gord Wadds, author and instructor of the online course "Competitive Longe Line", a call to see if he could give me some insight.Gord told me Americans spell it "longe" and in Great Britain it’s spelled "lunge"....

I have a Barn Sweet Horse

Dear Maggie, I am 50 years old and have had a number of horses in my life. I now have a 3 year old Paint/gelding that is a pleasure to work around, he has a nice disposition and has really bonded with me. I ride him in the arena with no real problem but he has become so barn sour (in love with his stall) that when I ride him away from the barn his whole attitude changes and he goes into a bucking frenzy (not sissy bucking/he really throws a tantrum).