Get on the Road to Mental Riding Recovery

Whether you're an accomplished horseman or a lower-level competitor, it's likely you have faced times when your riding has gotten off-track. Maybe you've had a fall that left your confidence bruised. Or your quest to break a certain percentage point at Second Level keeps getting falling short because of your inability to focus. Regardless of the nature of your issue, it's likely you can improve the situation by mentally training yourself, in addition to training your horse.

Apple of My Eye to Be Released

APPLE OF MY EYE, the heartwarming and inspirational drama for the whole family, debuts on DVD and digital January 10 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A young girl (Avery Arendes), who defines herself by her equestrian abilities, struggles after she loses her eyesight following a traumatic accident. Her world changes when she meets her new […]

Horses are the Best Therapy

Anybody who has spent time around horses knows what great solace and therapy they can be. In fact, time and again I hear people say things, "my husband puts up with the horses because it's cheaper than a mental institution" or "I'm headed to the barn for my weekly dose of equine therapy." Certainly horses can provide a powerful grounding anchor in the world - their needs and personality demands it. They can also, like any animal or pet, provide a supportive, non-judgmental ear to pour out your...

Inaugural Equine World Stem Cell Summit to be Held in West Palm Beach on December 6-9

The World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) unites the world’s leading constituencies in the stem cell and regenerative medicine communities. Now for the first time, the 2016 WSCS will host the Equine World Stem Cell Summit on December 6-9 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, FL. Riders, owners, trainers, veterinarians, and more are welcomed to attend and learn more about this exciting and wide-ranging topic.

Buying Your First Horse Property

by Amber Hodge/Quarter Horse News The right facility is one of the most important tools a horseman can have. Whether you are a professional trainer or a breeder with a few mares in the pasture, the right facility can make horsekeeping at home easier. However, many people find the real estate search to be intimidating and overwhelming. A few real estate professionals in the horse industry and some experienced buyers offer their advice on the matter of buying that first...