How Horses Heal Humans

Twenty years ago, as I began to gather research that would eventually form the basis of my book, Riding Home—The Power of Horses to Heal, I had my first eyewitness exposure to the psychological impact a horse can have on a human. It occurred when I was invited to observe a unique equine program at […]

Horse Vacations With A Twist – Lessons Included

The beauty and flair of Spain’s Andalucía, the picturesque countryside and villages of Italy’s Tuscany, and the green rolling hills and historic landmarks of England’s Gloucestershire are the backdrops for ideal vacations when combined with lessons. These unique riding vacations immerse travelers in the highlights and character of a destination, often from the back of a...


Helping Hand: Finding a Farm Sitter

If you have horses at home, making travel plans can be complicated. If you have ties to a local boarding operation that you trust, some people will decide to board their horses while they are gone. If you lack that option, or your number of horses makes that cost prohibitive, your best option is usually hiring a farm sitter.