Let Safe-Guard show you the three things you must know to ensure you get rotation right for your horse.  Three simple steps can help you determine the right deworming program and avoid parasite resistance in your horse. (1) Know the parasites involved; a fecal egg...

Paul Pearman

Buckle Up!

With his black taco hat, shoulder-length locks and stubbled chin, Paul Pearman looks as though he would fit right in with the likes of rockers Keith Richards or Kid Rock, just a few of the celebrities who buckle up with Pearman products.

Summer Whinnys Help Your Horse Leg Up for Spring – Keep Hives, Infection, and Leg Pain at Bay

Can a bug bite lead to laminitis?  Localized skin swellings or lesions – like hives – usually represent an acute allergic reaction, often triggered by something as innocuous as an insect bite.  An acute reaction like hives suggest that a horse’s largest organ and first line of defense – its skin – has been compromised, leaving the body open to infection.