New Equine First Aid Kits

Three new equine first aid kits will soon be available to horse owners. EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in equine first aid, recently announced that it will release, in time for Christmas, one brand new endorsed first aid kit, plus two different sizes of wound care management only, complete first aid kits.

Author of Mystery Novel “Winners” Unbridles Charity Promotion to Raise Critical Funds to Assist Retired Racehorses

Merle H. Horwitz, mystery novelist, has established the Merle H. Horwitz Racing Donations program to help racehorses no longer able to compete on the track. As part of the new program, Horwitz will donate all profits from the sale of his latest mystery novel, “Winners”, to The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) for an indefinite period of time. Through CANTER’s website, the public can view thoroughbred racehorses that are...