Premier Equestrian Facility For Sale

When you come over the rise, you get an incredible view of this property as it is majestically nestled on gently rolling hills and lush green pastures. There is simply no way to miss it. Anyone visiting will surely be impressed. This exquisite farm is presently an upscale THOROUGHBRED breeding & training facility with 60+ acres. It is in superb condition with a layout that lends itself to any type of equestrian operation and/or business.


Gravel Crunchers in Hoof Boots

By Carole Herder, of Cavallo It is not a myth, these ‘gravel crunchers’ – horses who can go anywhere, do anything, on any terrain. These barefoot horses are more and more common, and NOT just in the back yard. Barefoot and booted equines can be seen in all sorts of disciplines, such as barrel racing, dressage, jumping and now even in endurance sports and competitive trail riding.

Todd Bergen — “Framework of Performance”

In this 4.5 hour video series, Todd Bergen explains the fundamentals behind the training program that has made him the #1 All Time Leading Rider of reining, working cowhorse, and cutting horses. Using a combination of detailed drill sequences and explanations, Todd discusses the mechanics of body control as they relate to performance horse maneuvers and overall efficiency. In a unique format the trainer demonstrates maneuvers at full speed, and then further clarifies the details of his...

Exiss Aluminum Trailers Announces Trailer Giveaway

Exiss Aluminum Trailers is giving away a three‐horse living quarters trailer (Model Express 3H LQ) to a lucky winner! Entries open July 1st and will close November 8th. Contestants have TWO chances to enter this drawing. They may enter via the Exiss Facebook page (, or in person at an authorized Exiss tradeshow booth or via a participating dealer.