Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack

Unlike many texts on the subject, this valuable, revised and expanded second edition of the popular instruction manual for novice rawhide workers, Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack, by Robert L. Woolery, assumes no prior knowledge or experience. In over 180 drawings and photographs, the reader is shown every step of the process, beginning with a fresh cowhide, continuing through cutting strings and braiding, and ending with finished reatas, bosals, hobbles, or reins. 

Relaxation Music for Horses

Janet Marlow is leading the development of special music tailored for the physiognomy and environment of horses. The Human/Horse connection is a delicate partnership and music is an environmental embrace that can facilitate this bond in a gentle and calming way. This CD is the first in a series that can be used for Barn Music, Therapeutic Riding Sessions, Equine Massage, Farrier Visits and other ways that horse owners are finding with this popular CD.