Placenta Retention can be Life-threatening

Most of us, as horse owners, try to be present at the birth of our foals. All too often, however, we arrive after the little one is here. We arrive to find the little guy nursing while the placenta is still dangling about the mare's hocks. The last stage of parturition is the passing of the placenta. It is very important to monitor this stage closely, as any complication here may also be life-threatening to the mare.


Dear Dr. Lowder: My 14 year-old bay Arabian gelding has a sarcoid about the size of a quarter on the left side of his neck. The veterinarian examined it and suggested either cryosurgery, injections or just leaving it alone. I've heard that even after aggressive treatment, they often return.

Chickens Around Horses

Dr. Lowder, My friends' 8 year old was recently given about a dozen "pet" chickens that they have let run loose to feed and roost in their horse barn. (For some reason they think this is cute, but that is another story...) I have read and been told that keeping horses and chickens in close proximity like that causes a health risk for horses.

Horse Rider Yoga Now Available On DVD

From Laura Batts The Horse Hippie HORSE RIDER YOGA (approx. 160 minutes, 8 classes, $50.00) is a yoga program designed to help equestrians improve their confidence, balance, flexibility and connection with their horse. Yoga and riding have much in common. They both require a mind and body connection. They both require balance and rhythm, and […]

Club Foot and More “Foot”notes

My horse has a slight club foot and when the shoes were taken off, the hoof broke off pretty short in the toe. He has been sore for 2 days and on the 3rd day there was heat in the front part of the hoof. My vet said to put heat on the hoof as there could be an abscess and this would draw it out. My farrier is DEER HUNTING and can't be reached. How does an abscess symptom begin? Does this sound like an abscess? My horse can put weight on the foot pretty good but turning from side to side is...