Value, Fit, Fit and Fit

Did you pay too much for your saddle? Or did you get a bargain? Only you can answer; but maybe you don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss so they say, and in this instance, it may be best to simply enjoy a state of blissfulness. What might be more important than having gotten a bargain or having paid too much in the past, is how best to shop for your next saddle.

Foal Watching

Have you ever watched young horses? Foals and even yearlings and two year-olds, out in the field as they experience the world? Many natural horsemanship types have written entire books about how the relationship between a young horse and his herd as a basis for creating a relationship with horses and training them. But I'm talking less about herd dynamics and more about watching a young horse learn about himself, develop his personality, and figure out how his massive and powerful body works.

Horses are not Antelope

How is it that horses, which have supposedly survived for thousands of years on their life-preserving, prey animal instincts, can manage to nearly kill themselves without any outside influences? We all have that uncle who is hard of hearing, and yet somehow manages to practice "selective deafness," as in they can here everyone being called to the table for dinner, but not the call to help clean up, right? Well, I think horses practice selective instinct.

Does Your Barn Need a Facelift?

You peer inside the ancient cavernous barn on your property. A long time ago, it was in good repair, but now it's a different story. The exterior is fine, but the inside has seen better days. Dilapidated stalls, victims of hard kicks, wood chewers and pests, are no longer safe for your equine charges. It's time to rebuild from the inside.

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2013 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour Will Showcase Future Stars of Equestrian Sport

The Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (KWPN-NA), the continent's premier warmblood registry, proudly announces dates and locations for the 2013 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour. These annual inspections are the highlight of the year for United States and Canadian breeders of Royal Dutch Sport Horses as they have the opportunity to showcase their best young horses, and see the results of their passion and dedication for producing the next generation of equine sport superstars.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Horse for Travel

Horse travel can be a challenge for horse owners of every experience level, but as difficult as it can be for you, travel is even more stressful for your horse.  After all, he has no idea where he’s going, when he’s going to get to his destination or what’s going to happen when he gets there.  While you’re doing the driving, he may be busy worrying himself into a frenzy.


Deworming horses has always been sort of like going to the dentist: You know it’s necessary, but you’d just as soon skip it. Fortunately, nowadays, worming products are convenient to administer, have proven to be safe, even for pregnant mares and baby foals.

Putting Together a Grooming Box

Take a good look at your groom boxes. Are all the brushes clean and respectable, and the bottles and the gadgets nicely organized a la Martha Stewart? Or are your boxes equine versions of a seventh grader's gym bag? Let's be honest now. Are the brush bristles smashed down and full of grit? Is there a rusty old hoof pick lying next to a mouse nest at the bottom of the box? It's a good bet that you bought those brushes twenty years ago when you first started riding and...

Ready, Set, Build: Barns From the Ground Up, Part Two

In part one, we discussed the thought process leading up to putting in a barn, as well as legal considerations. In part two, we touch on the next, and some would say most important facet of barn design: location, location, location. That's the phrase that is traditionally quoted when the subject of real estate comes up. However, it's usually made in reference to homes or businesses and is a shorthand catch phrase for amenities such as schools, neighborhoods, exposure to a customer base, et...