Gender Differences: Equine “Mare-Tude”

by Ron Meredith I am a little prejudiced toward mares. Not everyone is. I know people who only want geldings because they believe they are more "reliable". They point out that geldings do not have serious mood changes or interpret things differently from day-to-day because of hormone swings – so they have got a bit of logic to back up their prejudices.

More Than 5,300 Saddle Up in San Antonio at AAEP Convention

The American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) 63rd Annual Convention, held Nov. 17–21 in San Antonio, Texas, dispensed the essential knowledge, emerging diagnostics and newest treatments across the medical spectrum to help practitioners provide optimal care to their equine patients. Convention attendance comprised 5,344 veterinary professionals, students, guests and exhibitors from across the United States, Canada […]