Buying A Show Horse

People often spend a huge amount of money purchasing show horses. Some buy for investment purposes, while others merely for pleasure. Regardless of your reason for purchasing the show horse, the purchaser wants to ensure they get what they pay for. In order to protect your investment, several steps can be taken prior to the purchase of the show horse.

Seeking Shelter

Article and photos by Kailey Sullins, courtesy of Barrel Horse News Under a cloudless sky on a sunny spring day, not a bird chirped or a whisper of wind could be heard. It was quiet; too quiet. The Weather Channel had been warning for a week of the probability of a tornado. When Mary Ellen […]

Bee Prepared on Your Trail Rides

As we enter Autumn, we need to remember that this is the season when bees or wasps are most aggressive and defensive of their nests. We were reminded of this recently when only one horse/rider combination of four returned to the ranch. We did find the others and thankfully no horses or riders were seriously injured, but they were stung repeatedly and were pretty shaken up. One particular horse took the brunt of the attack and was stung all over his body.

Farnam Secures Exclusive Sponsorship of the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center Wash Racks and Farrier Area

Farnam, the leading horse care and horse supplies provider in the industry, has partnered with the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center for the Horse Care Solutions Building Sponsorship and will be the exclusive sponsor of the facility’s wash racks in both Barn A and Barn B. In addition, they are now the exclusive sponsor […]

Identifying Choke in Horses

Learning to recognize the symptoms and identify the causes of choke in horses,will help you respond appropriately to get your horse comfortable and out of trouble. Choke is when pieces of food get lodged in the horse's esophagus. For a horse, choking is not as much of an emergency as it is for a human, since the windpipe is not blocked and the horse can still breath, however it is very uncomfortable for the horse.