Farnam Secures Exclusive Sponsorship of the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center Wash Racks and Farrier Area

Farnam, the leading horse care and horse supplies provider in the industry, has partnered with the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center for the Horse Care Solutions Building Sponsorship and will be the exclusive sponsor of the facility’s wash racks in both Barn A and Barn B. In addition, they are now the exclusive sponsor […]

Seeking Shelter

Article and photos by Kailey Sullins, courtesy of Barrel Horse News Under a cloudless sky on a sunny spring day, not a bird chirped or a whisper of wind could be heard. It was quiet; too quiet. The Weather Channel had been warning for a week of the probability of a tornado. When Mary Ellen […]

Identifying Choke in Horses

Learning to recognize the symptoms and identify the causes of choke in horses,will help you respond appropriately to get your horse comfortable and out of trouble. Choke is when pieces of food get lodged in the horse's esophagus. For a horse, choking is not as much of an emergency as it is for a human, since the windpipe is not blocked and the horse can still breath, however it is very uncomfortable for the horse.

Tools of the Trade—The Use of Artificial Training Tools

Courtesy of Equine Journal, written by Terisé Cole What is an artificial training tool? Look it up and you’ll get a vague description that varies between disciplines, barns, and trainers. From traditional tack seen in the hunter and jumper rings like martingales to those only allowed outside the show ring such as draw reins, these types of tack are commonly seen in use for a […]