Chesapeake Trail Riding Club and Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show Offer New Competitive Trail Ride

The Chesapeake Trail Riding Club (CTRC) and Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show (FHTS) have joined forces to offer a Thoroughbred Division of the CTRC Competitive Trail Ride on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area in Elkton, MD.

Hosted by CTRC and sponsored by FHTS, the Thoroughbred Division will be a 10-mile ride judged on a Pass/Fail basis with additional scoring to determine final placings.  Ribbons and prizes (first through sixth place) will be awarded at the FHTS show ring, next to the Competitive Trail Ride area, following completion of the division.  The Jockey Club TIP Program Recreational Riding Points can be earned, and hours may be recorded at ( as well as the placing for points in the Performance Awards (

 A Competitive Trail Ride tests the horse’s preparation for completing the ride distance category in which they are entered. Horses undergo pre-ride and post-ride physical evaluations. The two evaluations are compared to determine the degree to which the horse’s condition has changed. All horses begin with a 100 point score, and points are taken off for various signs of “deterioration.” Points may be lost in the post-ride evaluation due to injuries caused by tack, self-inflicted trauma to legs, lameness, fatigue, pulse/respiration issues, etc. The course must be completed within the allowed time or additional points may be removed.

 The Competitive Trail Ride will be run under the rules and procedures of the Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA). More information, including the Rule Book, can be found at Entry information and further details can be found on the ECTRA website by viewing September’s calendar and selecting the Chesapeake Fall PF event. Additional questions may be directed to Cate Peloquin at [email protected] or 410-652-3454.

 Horses must be stabled at the grounds the night before competition. Entries in the Thoroughbred 10 Mile Ride will be stabled in the FHTS barn (see the Stabling Request Form at ( on the grounds. Riders will be required to attend a pre-ride briefing.

 While a special Thoroughbred 10 Mile Division has been created as part of the Chesapeake Trail Riding Club’s CTR, riders of Thoroughbreds are not limited to this division and are welcome to participate in any of the divisions for which they are eligible.