Horse Rider Yoga Now Available On DVD

From Laura Batts The Horse Hippie

HORSE RIDER YOGA (approx. 160 minutes, 8 classes, $50.00) is a yoga program designed to help equestrians improve their confidence, balance, flexibility and connection with their horse. Yoga and riding have much in common. They both require a mind and body connection. They both require balance and rhythm, and they both are gradual practices.
Through HORSE RIDER YOGA’s series of eight extensive classes one will learn how to apply the benefits of yoga to riding. There are twelve poses taught seated, standing and then mounted on a horse. After all 12 poses have been learned, a full seated flow program is taught, as well as a standing flow program and a mounted flow program.

HORSE RIDER YOGA is designed to play each class individually at home or in the barn. It is available as a DVD or downloadable online. With this program, riders will begin to feel better after the first class! The DVD is divided into the following sections: A short introduction (4 min) that can be downloaded for free on the website. Class One is Breathing & Mountain pose (13 minutes,) Class Two, Side Angle & Warrior Two Pose (16 min,) Class Three, Cat Cow & Reverse Triangle Pose (17 min,) Class Four is Shoulder Roll & Half Eagle Pose (22 min,) Class Five covers Cow Face & Thread the Needle Pose (19 min,) Class Six, Horse Shoe & Bent Willow Pose (22 min) Class Seven, Chair & Full Seated Flow Pose (24 min,) and Class Eight is Full Standing Flow Pose (17 min.) The bonus class is Full Mounted Flow Pose (16 minutes.)

Laura Batts, MS, PAS is the founder of Horse Hippie and Horse Rider Yoga, companies with a focus on the ultimate health of the rider, the horse and our planet. After years of raising her kids on a horse farm, Laura combined her holistic, equestrian lifestyle with her interest in the environment and obtained a Masters of Environmental Science with a focus on the equine sector. As The Horse Hippie, she helps horse owners use eco-friendly practices in their horse and farm care through lectures, her blog Eco-Equine, and with her Horse Hippie shop full of natural, free trade and hand crafted products. With the Horse Rider Yoga classes, Laura offers all horse riders a way to improve their riding, fitness, and confidence through meditation and yoga. Learn more at Connect with Laura:; Instagram: @horsehippie; Twitter: @horse_hippiehttps FB: