Romel Rein Question

Hi Maggie, I am going to begin showing my Haflinger gelding this spring. I just purchased a set of Romel reins. Is there a hand (left or right) that I must use legally when showing with this style of rein?

Story originally posted by: Maggie Flowers

At a recent show, all participants were holding the reins in their left hand and their right hand was on their hip. I am left-handed and this seems ‘backwards’ when I try to hold them this way. Can you use the right hand to hold the reins? Is there a rule?

Thanks for the advice!

Hello Kim,

When showing with a Romel the rules are that if you start with a particular hand you remain in that hand for the duration. You can not switch in mid-stream. However, if you are show in Pleasure and need to maneuver within an obstacle you are allowed to switch hands (for that very instant) but must return to your original start hand.

So you are allowed to start with your left hand and only us the right hand as an aid at obstacles. You can not hold the tail end of the rein in your free hand. The reins must remain end free. Good luck.

Maggie Flowers