Meet Phoenix

Sometimes the biggest blessings are hidden in unlikely places.

gallery_49100_2035_236055Sometimes the biggest blessings are hidden in unlikely places. Stacey (Forum member TrailPixie1) discovered a pearl within an unsightly shell after rehabilitating a down-and-out buckskin gelding in March 2016. Stacey found Phoenix (“Pie”) on a Facebook page and felt compelled to go check him out in person. Phoenix had lice, thrush, congestion and a runny nose and was underweight, skittish and head shy. Despite his physical appearance, he rode great and was very well-trained. Though her boyfriend thought Phoenix was the ugliest horse he’d ever seen, Stacey decided to take a chance on him.

gallery_49100_2035_4288533Phoenix transformed into a different animal over the course of three months with Stacey’s time, attention and love in addition to plenty of feed, hay, de-wormer, hoof treatment and proper health care. Stacey plans to use Phoenix for trail riding and eventually compete in cowboy challenges and obstacle courses. She’s sure the gelding’s great mind and natural “ranchy” ability will be a great fit in the adventurous discipline.

Though Phoenix’s physical rehab is close to complete, Stacey still has much to uncover about his past. She knows he is about 12 years old and supposedly Quarter Horse, and she believes he could be pretty well-bred. Phoenix’s seller told Stacey he was used as a lesson horse in Connecticut but was ‘too forward’ for beginner riders. It’s also speculated that he came through auction prior to his lesson career. He has halter scars on his nose and a brand on his left shoulder, and Stacey hopes that by sharing his photos and brand that someone will recognize him and provide more information about his past. Whether Stacey ever learns details of Phoenix’s hardships along the road that brought them together, his future with her is certain.