Living Conditions

Most of my adult life I have lived on the same property as my horses. There are multiple reasons why someone would want to do so, but it was just my natural choice.  In the past 3 years, I have not.  After marrying we both kept our properties and would stay at both places throughout the week.  After babies this wasn’t possible as my house was too small.  So, I have been driving half hour each way to care for horses.

I have been reminded, multiple times, why I need to live with my critters. It has been very hard some days to get it done.  Having land to care for while having kids under two is hard enough.  Not living on it makes it harder.  I would not have made it through without the help of Jenn.  She has been invaluable to me!

Now though, now my complaints are over.  Our new house is done and once again I am with my horses.  Now, the kids and I wake up and take a walk to feed.  My toddler gets to run and play without my worrying about cars.  He picks up sticks and throws rocks.  My baby isn’t left strapped in a car seat because it’s raining and I have to feed right this minute because it’s a half hour drive home.


Last week my son asked where his pony was.  He wanted to ride Maizey.  So, we caught Maizey and saddled her up for a ride.  I had to bribe him to get him off.  We can do that now!

And when we got home from a long hot day of competition last weekend, I fed the horses and then… I went into my house and took a shower!  I didn’t have to get in my car and drive home, hot, tired and miserable.  It makes the experience so much better!

So, I’m in celebration mode right now!  I’m still unpacking and still moving stuff from the old house, but soon we will have a new routine (that will include more horse time!).

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