Children with Cancer to be Celebrated, Honored, and Remembered at the Dallas Fort-Worth CureSearch Walk

Friends, Supporters, Families, and Survivors Raise Funds for Innovative Children’s Cancer Research

The Dallas Fort-Worth CureSearch Walk will be held on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Lone Star Park. This amazing event will bring together more than 300 people to celebrate children with cancer and honor those who have lost their fight. Funds raised at the Walk will help end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

During the CureSearch Walk’s opening ceremony, survivors will be called to the stage to state their name and receive a medal, while those who lost their battle will be remembered as friends and family release butterflies and build a tribute board in their memory.  After the opening ceremony, survivors, supporters, families, friends and medical professionals will walk about two miles around the Lone Star parking lot before returning for the closing ceremonies.


Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. Children’s cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children and 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive. During the last 25 years, the overall survival rate for children’s cancer has increased from 40% to nearly 90%, but for many rare cancers, cure rates remain unchanged. 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late effects, such as infertility, heart failure, and secondary cancers.

“More than 40,000 children are battling cancer right now, and they are joined by 15,000 new warriors each year. When you compare that to the fact that only three drugs have been specifically approved for children over the last 25 years, you can see that more research is critical,” said Laura Thrall, president and CEO of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. “It is why we are on a mission to not only end children’s cancer, but to do so in an accelerated time frame.”


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About CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, a national nonprofit organization based in Bethesda, MD, works to end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame. CureSearch is building a $10 million research pipeline to aggressively drive pediatric research grants and clinical trials that have a higher chance of becoming cures for children’s cancer without the toxic side effects that plague current treatment options.