The View Between The Ears

Of all of the places I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in my life, I wonder if I have a favorite.  From beautiful beaches to steep rocky mountains, which terrain is the most fun?  Picking my way through green trees to loping across a sage brush covered field, which gives the best experience?  If I had to choose looking down into a pine filled valley or seeing innumerable wild flowers in a meadow, which is my favorite view?

46_Lodi-in-GrassI’ve thought about it time and again.  I love a wide open field, every time I see one I immediately feel the urge to kiss my horse into a lope and dash across it like a kid.  I get the same thrill just before a steep ascent or decent on a rocky slope.  And I love to weave in and out of trees on a winding trial at a quick game of follow the leader.  This usually ends up with everyone in giggles. Still, the time it takes to walk the relaxed walk with a group of friends, chatting about anything and everything in life is what comprises the foundation of all trail rides.

In the end, I just come to the conclusion that my favorite view is the one between my horse’s ears.  I’d love to see some of yours!



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