Senior Mares

Horse people tend to fall into 2 categories.  Gelding people and mare people.  I’ve never really understood it, as I don’t see what’s wrong with mares.  I hear about attitudes and moods, but don’t geldings have those too?  I suppose that I must fall into the mare category if I have to choose.


I’ve owned geldings, mares and stallions, but my heart horses are all mares.  I have 3 daughters of Double Or Nothin (ApHC) that I’ve had for 23, 19 and 10 years.  These girls are everything I want in a horse and have been in various forms of retirement for years now.  There are very few offspring left by Double or Nothin, the youngest being 20 this year.

Not only that, but all of mine were broke by Henning Koch himself.  These are even harder to come by.  I go for long stretches of time without riding one of these mares, because at their ages (Patti 28, Bita 24 and Lodi 22) there seems to always be one health reason or another why they not work.  I forget the difference between them and every other horse in existence.


And then I get back on.  Sign.  It’s like coming home.  I’ve been riding Lodi again these last few weeks.  I don’t have to think about it, analyze it or question my ride.  I just ride.  And she’s perfect.  She does her job and it’s a joy.  Hard to explain, because my other horses are broke and pleasant to ride, in fact they are MORE broke.  Yet there is something different about my senior Double or Nothin mares.  Unfortunately for most, they won’t get to experience it.  Lucky for me, I had Suzanne and Henning Koch as my mentors.  Something I won’t ever forget.