Ranch Encounters

Thanks to the help of my husband and brother, we almost always get to ride on Wednesday evenings at the ranch.  It’s amazing to me to look back on the pictures and see how far we have come in a year.  In just a few short weeks our new home will be finished and we can live here.  I will no longer have to drive home at the end of a long day, I will be home!


Our little group of kids hanging out seems to be growing as well.  We will be riding along and then hear what must be a tribe of wild ruffians in the woods, only to turn a corner and find boys carrying sticks and riding on a “tank.” (a.k.a. jogging stroller)

The horses are almost immune to these things.  Now, a dog running in the woods, that’s different, even if you did see him go there.  Kids throwing brightly colored plastic shovels?  No big deal.

My parents have cleared new trails around the pond and back to the farthest corner of the property.  How pretty this land is, I just love seeing it develop.  Seems most every week we get to ride something new.

Caroline has been coming out on and off for over a year now, as weather and babies allow.  She’s getting to be quite the little trotting machine on Chevy, who is a saint in the horse world.  I’ve been so busy with things like run in sheds and fencing that I’ve been content just to get to ride Ruby and haven’t done much homework with her.  That’s the beauty of a horse that you have put that time into already though, you can just enjoy them without it always being a job to ride.


And then you remember that they are still just animals and can always use some work!