MISSING: Face of “Oklahoma Heritage Horse” Stolen from Pasture

Heavy hearts and desperate pleas for help come from our April 2015 issue of the ACTHA Monthly charity profile, the Spirit of Blackjack Mountain.  In late December, “Chief Going Streak”, aka “Streak” the herd sire of the Oklahoma Heritage Horses, was allegedly stolen from his 200-acre pasture in Choctaw County, Oklahoma. 

“Streak”, the fifteen-year-old herd sire was bred and raised by Bryant Rickman, the man instrumental in the preservation of the Oklahoma Heritage Horses, the breed on the edge of extinction with less than 250 pure Choctaw Ponies left in existence.  The gentle 13.3 hand, sorrel gaited pinto has spent the last twelve years living in the same pasture, the Choctaw Pasture, with his mares, foals and pasture mates never attempting to leave his herd.  “Streak” is taken out only once or twice a year on special occasions, one being the Choctaw Labor Day Festival.

For several years “Streak” and a number of other Choctaw ponies have taken part in the four-day celebration of the Choctaw Nation giving free rides to mainly Choctaw children.  In fact, in 2014 over 500 children and a few adults took advantage of the free rides.  Each year “Streak” has been photographed with the reigning Princesses from the Choctaw Nation Princess Pageant.

Being the face of the Oklahoma Heritage Horse, “Streak” has been photographed many times and has graced numerous publications, as this horse serves as the ambassador for Bryant Rickman and others as they fight for survival of the breed.  His disappearance is not only an insult and tragedy to the Rickman’s and those working tirelessly to preserve the breed, but to all Oklahomans, especially their Native American tribes.

A police report, as well as a Net Posse (Stolen Horse International) report has been filed.   A $1,000 reward has been offered for the return of this national treasure.  Besides “Streak’s” unmistakable identifying markings, there is a freeze brand on his left shoulder.  It is a G with a backward J and a bar joining them in the middle.

With desperate urgency Bryant and Darlene Rickman, The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain and The Friends of The Heritage Horse Foundation Herds request this information be shared nationwide via print media, social media, tack stores, feed stores, veterinarians etc.  If anyone sees a sorrel pinto matching “Streak’s” description they ask that you message their Facebook page, contact the Choctaw County Sheriff, Net Posse, Bryant Rickman or Francine Locke Bray directly.



Choctaw County Sheriff (580) 326-2130

Bryant Rickman (580) 743-1991

Francine Locke Bray (317) 409-6517