The Thoughtfully Designed Horse Property

A healthy horse needs to be fed like a horse and housed like a horse. Dr. Juliet Getty has enlightened horse owners throughout the world on the importance of supplying horses with forage at all times, in her bestselling reference, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse. Without a steady supply of hay and/or pasture, the horse experiences a hormonal stress response that creates oxidative damage throughout the body, potentially leading to variety of digestive and metabolic disorders. 


How a horse lives can influence his health as much as what a horse eats. Horses require freedom to roam, companionship with buddies, and the ability to make choices. Standing for hours in a small area (even if it is outdoors) reduces circulation, contributes to obesity, slows down healing, and raises stress hormones. This is why Dr. Getty designed her horses’ barn and surrounding land with their needs in mind. And just as Dr. Getty stresses that caring for your horses in a natural way is better for them, she designed this facility to make horse care easier on the humans, too. Less time spent on property chores means more time to enjoy your horses.

Pick up some tips by taking this tour of Dr. Getty’s facility, which is on 16 grassy acres near Chillicothe, Ohio—or, if you’re eager to have your horses in your own backyard, take this opportunity for yourself. The property is for sale; located at 3828 Blain Hwy, Waverly, OH 45690.


The Morton Barn measures 42′ x 42′. It has two outdoor, east-facing, 12 X 12 covered pens, with gates that can be left open for horses to enter at will. Dutch doors lead to an open bay area which provides room for farm implements and hay storage.

This area can be used for indoor housing by leaving the doors open from the pens, to permit the horses to get completely out of extreme weather. The ample 18×12 tack room offers A/C, heat, hot water, sink, cabinets, shelving and tack rack, making it easy to mix diets, safely store feed and supplements, and protect valuable gear.

Adjacent to the tack room is an outdoor 15×20 concrete wash pad. Also on the property are a 2-stall, three-sided loafing shed and 50-foot round pen.

Twelve acres are fenced and cross-fenced with four-board Kentucky horse fence or no-climb woven wire and wood fencing, creating 5 grassy paddocks with a center aisle and sacrifice area. Rotating horses between areas is a snap and helps promote healthy pasture growth. Along the outside of the fence is a wide, 2/3 mile long grass track.


“Mud Season” solution: Surrounding the barn is an improved 60′ X 80′ area with an engineered drainage system designed by Dr. Getty to solve the problem of deep mud during rainy seasons; the footing is on three layers of base rock, covered with limestone fines. The area houses a round bale feeder for continuous feeding during low grass-growing times.

All of this comes with a stately, 2800 square foot home that has an expansive back deck overlooking the horse facility. This is a gracious, healthful setting for any type of horses, and for you. It is located at 3828 Blain Hwy, Waverly, OH 45690. View it here.

For more information, contact Dr. Getty directly at