Stonewall Sport Horses

You know how the horse world is a small world?  It so is.  Like when I moved, with my Apps, from Cali to Florida and boarded at a small boarding barn and 2 months later a gal moved from Cali to Florida with her App and boarded at same barn and we knew of so many things the same and we became great friends and she boarded with me for years before she moved to Germany.  (yes, complete run on sentence, but you get it right?)

Another great example is my introduction to the Stonewall Sport Horse.  A little known breed I had never heard of.  I keep on average 1 or 2 boarders, so not many people roll through my barn.  My farrier asked if I could take in a gal who was totally (ok, nominally) sane and had spotted horses.  Sure!

Nice gal, unloads these MONSTERS from the trailer onto my property.  They made my horses look like Section A ponies.  Beautiful, loud colored mares who were quiet and gentle.  I had to go do my research.

These mares came right from the founder of the breed in…. you guessed it… California!  I called up my mentor, of course, Suzanne Koch, and of course, she not only knows of the breed, she sold the founder a few mares several years ago to use in the breeding program.  Well of course she did.

So, in a long, round about way, my midget horses and these giant beauties all came from the same ranch in a itty bitty town in California.

I love small worlds!

So Blanche and Nyx lived with us for several months.  They joined us for trail rides and lessons, obstacle clinics and bonfires.  Nothing bothered them and after they moved, they have continued to work in jousting and sheriff’s posse.  What a great breed for someone who needs a big horse that will take care of their rider.