Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Do you recall when you were a kid and you did things just because you wanted to?  It didn’t matter if it was horse related or not, there just wasn’t any real thought to the reason behind doing something. 

Then we grow up, we have to pay bills, we understand things on a different level…. we take lessons.  Now, our horsemanship comes with a need to do things correctly, safely.  Everything is about a horse that does as you ask, when you ask.

There have been several times in my adult life that I have asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” because something was more work than fun.  Horses are often a lot of work and if we take them seriously all of the time, they can start to lose their fun.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to have fun, and often that involves a friend or 3 that goad you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Then you create memories that last a lifetime!

These pictures are from a ride at Pine Island Preserve in Merritt Island. We had a blast and the memories to go with a friend that we lost.  Had we just gone on a trail ride, with no antics, this ride would have slipped right into the multitude of other fun days, but would not have stood out.

I am not proposing that people should do unsafe things, I am proposing that once in a while we should all just let loose a little and enjoy these costly, time consuming animals that we love so much, whether that’s taking a jump you never have or chasing down a steer, climbing a hill that’s so steep it puts your heart in your throat or galloping through a lake.  Just have fun!