Minis and More

If you hadn't caught on by now, I'm primarily and Appaloosa person.  I have an appreciation of all breeds and all disciplines.  I learned long ago that  there is no such thing as a bad breed, just good and bad representatives of breeds.  I've had experience of one sort or another with a good number of horses and breeds, be that training, owning, boarding or more.  None the less, I always come back to an App. 


You might say it's always been there in me, as the first horse I ever chose and bought of my own was an Appaloosa, back when I was about 11 or 12 years old.  Then I moved to California and was introduced to who became my mentor and my "other mother," Suzanne Koch.  She and Henning Koch were ambassadors of Appaloosas and owned several App Hall of Fame horses.  Here is where I was really introduced to good quality horses that had a desire to work and the physical ability to do so. 

So, 25 years later, give or take, I'm a die hard App person.  I have always said that someday I'd like to have an Miniature Appaloosa as a barn mascot.  It was never practical before now and most minis I had met were less than desirable to have around.  I knew this wasn't a breed thing, but a handling one. 
Now here I am with toddlers of various ages surrounding me on a daily basis.  I've been casually looking for a very small pony or mini that I could use to pony the kids with us when we ride on the ranch.  I prefer something that isn't "broke," but rather, bored.  I wanted something that didn't care what the little terrors on top were doing and would ignore everything except to follow the lead rope. 
As usual, many were sent my way or crossed my path, but none fit the bill. I'm picky.  I also wanted one that would act like a horse, have manners and fit in with the herd.  Finally I came across an ad for a leopard App mini mare that drives and rides.  I called the owner and she was sold, but she had more.  I told her what my shopping list included and she said to come look.  So I did. 
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