Dentist on the Trail

After my return from the Festival, I had an appointment with our dentist, Sheryl, to extract a tooth on one of my older mares.  It had been cracked and infected when she was out previously, so I'd had miss Lodi on a round of antibiotics before doing the procedure.  Thankfully, the tooth didn't need to come out after all.  I hate to pull anything on these older horses, as they need all the teeth they can get. 

When Sheryl and I were done I asked what she was doing the rest of the day.  Her schedule was open, so we loaded up our horses and headed to Tosahatchee Wildlife Management Area so I could check the now (hopefully) dry trails. 
Lest you think I can just pick up and go on a whim, allow me to remind you that I have small children, so I had already planned to go there myself and made arrangements (thank you Grandma!) and I kidnapped Sheryl at the last minute. 
Fresh home from the Festival, I'm ready to host a fantastic Competitive Trail Ride on Dec 5th!  I just needed to actually put hooves on the trails that before to were impassable. 
So glad I did, as I was able to choose a new route from what I had planned and covered all but 2 small sections of the trail that day.  Thank goodness Sheryl is easy going, as I did some back tracking along with some stopping and pondering.  We found a BEAUTIFUL trail in the trees that winds and turns with a few small log crossings.  It has all the makings to keep a trail entertaining in Central Florida. 
Sheryl's gelding is a young'un who goes many directions, from the barrel pen to herding cattle and trekking through Florida horticulture.  We had a great ride and Sheryl and I were able to discuss the mental pitfalls of middle age hitting you when it comes to your riding.  I've seen it coming, tried to stave it off, but with riding less and less thanks to the kids and not living with my horses until the house is finished, it was inevitable. Mortality has set in! 
It was fun to have someone new to ride with.  I'm always looking for willing victims to drag along on a ride and I love getting to know new people, so it made for a fantastic day on the back of my Ruby. 
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