Wrapping Up The Great American Trail Horse Festival

I've done 2 previous posts about my experiences in Mora, MO for ACTHA's Great American Trail Horse Festival. 

I had the opportunity to meet so many great horses.  Current and past National and State Champions were there as well as brand new to ACTHA riders.  Their horses ranged across the "Horse Breeds of the World" book I had as a teenager.  A Fell Pony was represented, several gaited horses, drafts, stock breeds, light breeds and every color under the sun. 
The disciplines were the same.  I spoke with a gentleman there on his cutting horse, a gal on her hunter and a retired race horse.  There were many there who were strictly trail riders and many that use trail riding as an outlet for themselves and their horses on their down time from big competition. 
I watched as my co-worker found the original owner of her horse that she had been searching for over 5 years, due to the brand on the horse standing in front of us.  What a cool moment as they were both from different states and several states away from Missouri at that! 
Over all, the one common thing I experienced was the feeling of the people.  FUN!  Everyone was having fun.  The staff, the riders, the clinicians, vendors and hosting ranch were all enjoying the weekend.  What a way to have a ride!  I can't wait for the next one….. I'm already entrenched in the work of it!! 

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