Have You Seen a Horse With Curls?

Golden Curls Ranch has Mustangs with curls! These Mustangs come in every color and size and are truly part of our American Heritage. 


Black Rock’s Golden Firefly, fondly known as O’Sparky, represented Mustangs at this year’s Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Mass. O’Sparky is an approximately six year old Curly Mustang Stallion who was gathered by the Bureau of Land Management in the hills of Winnemucca, NV. He is the sixth Curly Mustang adopted by Angie Gaines and is well trained in both English and Western disciplines. Angie is the South Central Regional Director of the US Wild Horse and Burro Association. USWHBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Mustangs once they have been adopted through mentoring, training, fostering and rehoming.

O’Sparky was invited to join other Mustangs at the 2015 Equine Affaire. At the Equine Affaire the Mustangs preformed a drill in the arena and met with visitors. Owners like Angie shared their experiences and journey gentling and training their Mustangs. The Equine Affaire began November 12th but O’Sparky’s journey started four days before as he traveled from Kaufman, TX to West Springfield, Mass. After a four day trip from Texas he jumped off the trailer was immediately a big hit. “Folks were surprised to see our Curly coated fella and were curious to learn more about his history and of course the history of Curly Mustangs. A few had seen or heard of Bashkir Curlies and were surprised to learn that they all come from herds of Mustang Curlies” says; Angie proudly.
Taylor Whiteley, an accomplished rider, and junior at Kaufman High School, rode O’Sparky in both the drill with other Mustangs and attended two clinics with Australian trainer, Warrick Schiller.  Warrick Schiller, who had never seen a Curly Mustang, was very impressed with O’Sparky’s gentle personality and training. “Taylor Whiteley, wowed everyone when they stepped into the arena. Ever the gentleman, O’Sparky responded to Taylor’s gentle requests and showed his beautiful elegant, movements.” Angie shares proudly.
Angie explains that Curly Mustangs have benefits unlike other horses. “We are discovering our Curly equine friends are hypoallergenic and this allows folks who are allergic to horses ride again. ”If you are interested in learning more about Mustangs and Curly Mustangs or have adopted a Mustang and would like to connect with a mentor with the US Wild Horse and Burro Association please contact Angie Gaines at [email protected] or visit www.goldencurlsranch.com