The Trails of Mora, MO

As stated before, I spent the better part of a week at Von Holten Ranch in Mora, MO to assist with ACTHA's Great American Trail Horse Festival.  What a great place to visit and trail ride.  Von Holten was an empty field just over a year ago, so all of the facilities are pretty well brand new.  

There are over 40 camp sites, twice that in stalls, an arena, a beautiful bath house and a too cute office.  The bit that I got to see of the trails were beautiful, and all of the riders told me they loved them.  I understand they were just challenging enough to be fun, but not at all nerve wracking.  I did walk out and see one of the beautiful water crossings and was lucky enough to catch a group of women coming in through it!  
At the festival we had several clinicians that worked with our riders through out the days.  I really enjoyed getting to know Evon Montgomery.  She is from Pennsylvania and drove all of the way to Missouri to join us.  She had so many excellent tips for different horses and riders that covered everything from soundness to navigating obstacles.  
One of the vendors there was Len’s Leather.  Len and his sweetheart of a wife spent the whole weekend with us and they both were very impressed with the atmosphere of the weekend.  ACTHA’s motto is “Casual Competition and Serious Fun” and we tried to bring that into all aspects of this event.  Len was so impressed with everything and in such high spirits from our weekend (and this having just come off from a week in Eminence, MO for their trail ride) that he gifted my baby girl with her first pair of chaps!  What a guy!  
This was the feed back I got from everyone, vendors, clinicians and riders alike.  This is what we strive for, for people to have FUN with their horses and friends.  
The only thing that could have made the event better would have been if I had my own horse there.  

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