31 Days

Life is strolling along on the new property.  The house is FINALLY coming together and there is an end in sight.  Some day I'll actually be able to live with my horses again!  The days of complaining about hauling water to the horses are gone, we have water, wash rack, tie rack, arena, trails... all the things a horse lover could ask for.  Well, I could ask for a barn, but I promised my husband I won't for a couple of years.  Land clearing and house building takes a lot of time and money! 

We ride at least twice a week now, providing I can fool someone into thinking my kids are cute enough to entertain them for an hour or two!  The hottest days of summer are almost gone and cooler weather is moving in. 
A couple of weeks back it was another typical day of nasty, sweaty horses that were coated with dried in dirt.  After our ride Jenn and I decided full on baths were necessary so I grabbed up 2 bottles of sample shampoo and conditioner I received from The Grooming Company.  I thought nothing of it, as I'm fortunate to usually have samples from different places (winning them, picking them up at functions or utilizing them in rides I host). 
So I washed Miss Ruby, including shampooing her mane and tail and finishing off with a leave in conditioner (Intense EQ) as my husband was hollering for me to come get the crying baby.  (The baby always cries for him.  She's totally got his number.) 
For whatever reason, we missed our normal weekend ride and it was a full week before I actually got Ruby out of pasture to ride again.  I was shocked to feel her tail was silky smooth!  Now listen, I know that Ruby's tail is nothing to write home about.  She's a colored Appaloosa who lives 24/7 in pasture and is lucky if her tail is brushed through twice a month. Yes, I have Apps who have full, long tails (and I just HATE the work that is involved keeping them knot free!), but Ruby has just enough to be functional and make her look normal, so I'm happy with it. 
I did a double take and returned to feel her tail and run a brush through it. Yep, a week of heat, sweat and black dust living environment and it was smooth and easy to run a brush through! 
So, made a believer of me.  I sent an email to the company and they told me it could be used for human hair too.  I'll have to buy some now to try! 
On the riding end, we set up a long row of trot ground poles, about 10 total, to get the horses to start rounding their backs out a little more. Tag has a HUGE stride.  I kept moving poles out farther and farther for him to accommodate his stride!  And I thought Ruby had a stride. 
Tomorrow I'm dropping the toddler at daycare, so maybe I can get a quick ride in myself!  Cross your fingers the baby cooperates.

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