Being Prepared Before Horse Emergencies Happen

It's not a matter of "if" it's a matter on of "when" will emergency situations happen to you! With all the wild weather around the country from record amounts of rainfall, flooding, wild fires and tornadoes ripping through the center of our nation, somewhere in this country there are horses and other animals that have gone missing that may never return.

Story originally posted by: by Teresa Spencer

Questions you need to ask yourself:

What is my emergency or evacuation plan?

Do I have records for your animals that they are in fact yours?

What about a First Aid kit ready or adequate feed supplies in the event to need to leave your home for a period of time?

The time to really think about these things is when you don't need them. The time is now! 

Disasters of all kinds happen that cause millions of dollars in damage, loss of life and property. But what if one occurred and your barn or your neighbor's barn was destroyed? Do you have a plan?

Planning is so very important in so many situations from relocating horses, to traveling long or short distances, from fires, flood, tornados, and hurricanes; emergency planning needs to be considered for even show days, trail rides, camping, hunting, and endurance races. I can't think of a situation where planning should not be a part of your preparedness.

Here are some basic items to have in your emergency kit:

  • — Flashlight
  • — Medications & feed for a 2-3 days
  • — Halter & lead rope
  • — Contact information for you, veterinarian and other contacts
  • — Feeding instructions & restrictions
  • — Fuel in your vehicles
  • — Fire Extinguisher
  • — Water bucket
  • — Radio battery operated
  • — Identification for your horse either an ID band or Evacuation Collar

For more information on disaster planning you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

About the Author:

Teresa Spencer, author, speaker, horse owner and is the owner of California Horse Barns as well as co-owner of EquestriSafe a company dedicated to horse safety. Proud member of CSHA, Equestrian Trails Corral 138, AQHA, American Equestrian Trade Association and Equestrian Professionals.