New Friends

This week I corralled my brother into watching the kids while we rode on Wednesday night because I had company coming to ride!  Besides Jenn and I, Kim and Patty joined us.

Kim and I have ridden together before, both at my place and on ACTHA rides, where I met her.  Patty is a friend of Kim's and boards her horses just behind my property.
I am riding in an ACTHA ride soon, so decided I better start working on my horse for obstacles again and getting her out on the trail to ride a bit, so we rode all around the property, showing it off a little to those who hadn't seen all of the progress we've made.
I have been practicing a newer ACTHA approved obstacle with Ruby that they call "Curbside."  It is where you lead your horse to a mounting block and have them pivot to position themselves to be mounted.  I've never thought to train my horse to do this without leading her into position or pushing her butt over etc. and then walking around to climb on the block.  In this instance, you lead your horse perpendicular to the mounting aid, step up, then ask your horse to get into position.
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