Greenies.  They can be a dental chew bone for a dog or a horse who isn't finished or solid under saddle.  My Joey (the best dog ever) loved himself a Greenie treat.  If I took him with me into the feed store to pick out his own treats, he always chose a Greenie.  He was the coolest dog. 

That said, I'm talking of the other greenie today.  In particular Tag.  He made my day a few days back.  Jenn and I had a chance to get away for a couple of hours.  We had planned to go to Pine Island for a ride, but that changed as we heard it wasn't suitable for riding.  So we went back to Tosahatchee WMA again.  Jenn had never been there and I was ok with riding it again in prep for my upcoming ACTHA ride there.  
We had a very nice day and ride.  Again there were some super long straight stretches and a lot of water.  Tag has never been hauled off to trail ride like this, even though he's lived several places and been out to the trainer's a couple of times.  He took it in stride, although he was watching all around, but not spooky.  
We started on a dry road, but moved into some watery trails and I took advantage thinking I could splash Jenn and Tag.  (can we say childish here?)  Unfortunately, Ruby was so lazy about her trotting in the water that she barely created a ripple, much less a splash.  
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