A Day Around The Ranch

I love when things come together and everyone can join us on the new property.  Finally we have progress happening on the house.  After months and months of delays, the pad is poured and walls are up!  We have a routine around the ranch and a flow to things.  

I managed to make it out for a Saturday morning ride, complete with multiple kids in tow followed by spouses, parents and friends.  I rode for about 15 minutes, but ended up passing my mount off to Jenn's friend Kali, who was holding my baby even though she didn't apply for the job.  
Jenn, as you will see from the pictures, has taken over the riding of Tag. You will see a lot more of them together in the future. So we all gathered in the arena for general exercise and fun.  The boys (3 of them between 2-4 years old) played in the arena until they were ready to ride, at which point Chevy was placed into service as the kid horse.  
Chevy is one of those horses that you can trust her to take care of anyone.  She's just one of those horses you always keep around because she's easy to have around and she brings something to the table.
It wasn't a monumental day, it was just a day. One of those days that makes up life and makes it a good one.  We too often forget about those days and only remember the really good or the really bad. So here's to the average day that makes up a good life!
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