Tosahatchee Wildlife Management Area

As promised, I got to hit some newish trails. I've been to Tosahatchee in the past, but it's been several years. I'm scoping this out as I am hosting a ride there in December, so wanted to re-fresh my memory on the trails.  


When I arrived, I stopped into the office to chat with Patsy about the facilities, trails and whatnot. Super friendly gal. I paid my $3 at the kiosk (can't get much cheaper than that to trail ride) and then started the long drive down the dirt roads to the horse parking. Right off the bat I had a doe jump across the road in front of me.  I love when I get to see wildlife! 

Being as it's summer, the horse parking looked pretty wet, so I just pulled along the side of the road and got Ruby out while we waited for Beth. I had a chance then to use the new detangler that Mane-ly Long Hair sent to me and it was just as good as she promised. Ruby was pretty scuzzy since it's summer and she sweats all day, then rolls in the dirt.  

As soon as Beth arrived we hit the trails. We first rode through the horse campground which they had just added in a bunch of dirt to make it useable during wet seasons. It's a pretty area with lots of spaces tucked up in the trees. It's primitive camping though and only boasts a hand pump well for water. There were a few picnic tables and it all looked inviting as long as you don't require electricity.  

Beth and I headed East and South around …

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