A Little ACTHA Love

I'm excited because tomorrow morning I am headed down the road to some trails!  I can't think of the last time I actually hauled off the property to trail ride.  Probably before this baby was born.  I've hauled for a few shows, but not to trail ride.  We've trail ridden extensively on the property, but not hauling. 

So… yeah, I'm kinda excited.  Not only that, I'm going with a new friend who shares a common interest in ACTHA rides, Beth.  We've both been competing in ACTHA for a few years and we live in the same town, yet we have rarely crossed paths until recently.  So I'm scoping out a trail for a ride I plan to host this winter and she has one on the books already for this fall, so we will have lots to chat about.  Let me tell you, her ride is going to be AWESOME!  I'll be there for sure. 
As I'm thinking of this, I can't wait to share with you about the ride that I judged a few weeks ago.  Jenn (as usual) was roped into helping as well and we took a girls' trip up to central FL with the baby in tow.  The host, Jami, did a fantastic job of thinking up some creative obstacles.  In typical Florida fashion, it rained most of the day, right up until start time.  Then we were blessed with nice weather for the ride itself. 
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