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Omega Alpha Introduces Advanced Sinew-X Plus with Hyaluronic Acid and New RegenerEQ Plus Paste

Toronto, ON, Canada (August 25, 2015) – Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. announces the advancement of two supplements to its trusted selection of botanical equine health products. Sinew-X Plus with Hyaluronic Acid and RegenerEQ Plus Paste offer specialized benefits to ease the stresses and complications associated with travel and competition. Continuing its line of awarding-winning equine products, Omega Alpha remains a reliable staple in maintaining the overall well-being of the equine community. 
Sinew-X Plus with Hyaluronic Acid can be used to maintain normal healthy muscles, joints, and ligaments. Without forfeiting any of the desired results,
Sinew-X Plus is Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) free and therefore very beneficial for horses who may have sensitivities to MSM or for those competing where MSM is considered a controlled substance.
RegenerEQ Plus Paste is a gut-support supplement, which combines efficacy with the ease of use in a 4-dose travel syringe. This palatable, easy to administer gel-paste normalizes the gut functions while increasing appetite. RegenerEQ Plus is best used when trailering or before and during stressful situations that can cause gastrointestinal distress. 
Omega Alpha is excited to present these products to the equine community. The new supplements add valuable benefits to some of Omega Alpha’s most trusted products, Sinew-X and RegenerEQ, demonstrating that Omega Alpha is dedicated to continuing the development of even more advanced supplements through scientific research.   
For over twenty years, Omega Alpha has been creating safe, botanical equine products used worldwide. The company’s wide selection of award winning products includes supplements for respiratory, digestive, joint, hormonal, and immune health as well as products for detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, and performance. Omega Alpha strives to continue improving and broadening their already-advanced products in continual support of the entire equine community. For more information about Omega Alpha and its range of health products for horses, visit or call 1-800-651-3172.