Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

Imagine a herd of horses numbering in the 70’s, all running free. Imagine them living a natural life of movement as they forage and band together for security. A place with trees and woodlands and a lake for swimming, and acres and acres of rolling hills where formerly abused and neglected horses are given back everything that man and domestication has taken away.

A place where bonded mates are never separated, mares wean their own babies on their own terms and foals never experience the trauma of being taken from their dams. These are horses who will never again feel a saddle on their back or a bit in their mouth, and they’ll never be shuffled from home to home or adopted out. They have all given enough.

Established in 1991 Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary began with just one horse in need on five acres of land in rural Florida. Over the next twenty-four years the sanctuary would relocate to 175 acres in middle Georgia, and ultimately evolve into an award winning facility that has intervened on behalf of 100’s and 100’s equines of every size, shape, color and breed, including numerous donkeys and mules. The equines residing here have come from all over the United States, even Canada. Their stories and pasts are as varied as they are. They’ve suffered starvation and abuse, neglect and isolation. But that is all behind them now.

This truly is a remarkable place of healing. We tend to their needs. The horses in our care receive veterinary care, dental care, and their hooves are trimmed. We make sure their coats are healthy and their manes and tails are free from knots. And they are never stalled, unless they are injured or ill. Horses are, by nature, extraordinarily sentient creatures, but also possess a remarkable capacity to respond to kindness and learn to trust once again. And so we follow their example; we don’t dwell on the sadness of their former lives. We concentrate on the blessings of today. And right here, right now this herd is safe; they are happy and healthy and loved just simply being horses …

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