I'm pretty sure most of you can relate to my quandary of the weekend. The project that took longer than anticipated. So I woke early (well, I always wake early thanks to a toddler and infant) and met Jenn at the ranch. We were going to ride.  I had family to watch the kids (well, sort of. Husband had the toddler and I had the baby until Mom could make it out.) and anticipated a ride.  

We had been discussing the multitude of downed trees on the power lines that the power company had cut, with the promise to return at some point and turn them into sawdust. I was noticing several new scratches and cuts on the horses and it was decided that we needed to fence the horses off of the power lines right then and there.  (Jenn and I are very decisive when together.) It would only take a few minutes as the we would just move the temporary fence and give them a 2 acre chunk of land to live on for a short while.  We would do that and then ride.  

Well, it took a little longer than we thought. OK, a LOT longer. By the time we finished, we were both hot and tired. My husband and mother were done hanging out with the kids (I could feel this emanating from the other side of the property) and I really didn’t have the energy to face riding. Then there was Jenn. She had come out to ride with me. She had helped me move fence. She was going to ride. OK, fine, I’d ride. But I was riding Ruby, because I don’t have to think about riding Ruby.

So we did, we rode our go-to mounts and had an enjoyable ride. That was interrupted 10 minutes in by a phone call from my husband wondering if we were done riding yet so we could come get the kids.  

Nope, I was enjoying my trails, my horse and the sunny morning. I’m glad I have Jenn around to keep me motivated. 


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