Horse Vacations With A Twist – Lessons Included

The beauty and flair of Spain’s Andalucía, the picturesque countryside and villages of Italy’s Tuscany, and the green rolling hills and historic landmarks of England’s Gloucestershire are the backdrops for ideal vacations when combined with lessons. These unique riding vacations immerse travelers in the highlights and character of a destination, often from the back of a horse, while setting up the opportunity to enhance the experience with riding or driving lessons.

Here are three samples of High Pointe Equestrian Tour’s Horsemanship Holidays.

ITALY – TUSCANY CARRIAGE FOUR-IN-HAND DRIVING COURSES: Riding atop a four-in-hand carriage is a special way to tour the stunning countryside and quaint villages of Tuscany. This mode of travel provides complete immersion in Italian culture and landscape as no modern mode of travel can.

Traveling carriage drivers from beginner to advanced enjoy the opportunity to learn to drive or to improve their driving skills under the tutelage of a FEI master trainer as they cover 125 miles of countryside under the horsepower of either four Oldenburgs, Kladrubers or Haflingers.

This six-day tour starts off in historic Siena with lodging along the way in three- and four- star hotels, and bed & breakfasts.

SPAIN – TRAILS, DRESSAGE AND SIESTAS: Days are filled with hacking through olive and eucalyptus groves, trotting the sandy beaches of Cadiz, and dressage lessons from instructors certified by BHA and Spanish Federation certified instructors. When not in the saddle, you walk the corridors of the famed White Villages of Andalucía and thrill to an exciting performance of Andalusian horses in a spectacle of light, music and color at the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre