Is Your Young Horse Neglected?

How often do we read horse sale ads where an 8 year old horse is for sale and has not been started or is only green due to "no fault of his own?" How many people who ride regularly have that younger horse that lives, eats and racks up vet bills with all the others, yet serves no real purpose except that "he'll be my next horse?"

I’m guilty. Always have been. I used to breed, so always had several young horses around. Luckily I was also young, so most got started or used to some extent. They weren’t used as much or as often as the finished horses though. Because who wants to ride the unpredictable when the known is just as close?  Who wants to have to think about their whole ride when you can just enjoy or feel? 

As I mentioned before, Tag is my green 5 year old. I have sold solid, kid or husband horses at 4 and 5 years old, because they had the personality and time behind them to make them that way, but I’ll be there are more green or pale green 5 year olds out there than broke ones. 

As long as I have a finished horse to ride, that’s going to be my go to. That’s where I am in life right now. At this moment in time, however, I don’t have a finished one to ride. I have 4 mares who are eating me out of house and home on any combination of senior feeds, but no one for me to ride at the moment, except Tag.  And he is thrilled with it! He really is. He WANTS to do something, anything. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to, or has some other ideas of what that is, but the desire is there. 

So for now Tag is being ridden. And surprise of all surprises, he’s doing better each ride. Yesterday morning Jenn and I took Tag and Lodi out for the 2nd time that week together. Lodi is being legged back up after some time off and Tag… well, he’s just going. Our current goal is to learn balance and to not run off bucking through the woods like a mad man. (Possibly he’s never done that and it’s all in my head, but it’s possible he could at any moment. Right?)

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