Home Pads and Lily Pads

I'm being spoiled as my mom is STILL in town and hasn't left for work out of state in weeks. This means more saddle time. On a lovely Wednesday evening Jenn and I saddled up Lodi and Tag for a romp about the property. As I'm spending more time on him, I'm allowing Tag to travel further away from home with each ride.  

On this great evening we traveled along the fence line, through the future barn site that is currently a dove field and over to the home site. The foundation for the house is built up. The walls for the foundation have been nailed into place and the underground plumbing installed.  We are just waiting for cement. I wondered just how Tag would feel about riding near this, but he didn’t care one bit.  Yay!  Rear end still safely ensconced in saddle.  

From there we wondered to the North of the property and took the North fence line and even did some jogging out in the open. Surprise of all surprises, Tag was great… Lodi was FRESH! She tried to convince Jenn that she is in fact 5 and Tag is 21.  

At the end we were able to look over the pond to the bridge we frequently ride over. We have no direct access between the two trails though, so we had to turn back to ride all the way around the property again.  

I discovered a new obstacle for ACTHA rides in our journey. A dumpster full of who knows what. We have one on the property, as do many people, and Tag just wasn’t so sure about riding near it. At this point, I’m in no confidence level to try to force him to do anything, so I was satisfied by riding past it at a great distance while maintaining a walk. The big blue tarp that is hung on my brother’s lot for shade? He could have cared less. Who knows about these horses sometimes? 

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