Of Colts and Things!

I haven't introduced Tag yet. He is my 5 year old gelding that mostly just eats and pesters us. He came along at the wrong time for him, right when I was getting married and having babies. He is the last foal that I've bred and the last out of my Princess Patti.

He went to live with some friends in TN as a weanling and yearling to grow up in mountain pastures. As a 2 year old I backed him half a dozen times. As a 3 year old I was pregnant so he went to the cutting trainer for 90 days. As a 4 year old I was busy with baby 1, so I rode him some, and my reining trainer rode him here and there as did I.

Here we are on year 5, new baby, and poor Tag is still on the back burner. Ruby is off visiting a friend, so Tag was the victim of the evening.

Wow, what a difference from Ruby. After 5 minutes of trotting, we headed down the driveway for our first trail ride together. He led the way, he had somewhere to be and wasn’t going to dawdle.  Poor Chevy didn’t know what to do.  She is used to Ruby who is a follower and going to go as slow as the lead horse. Now Chevy had to jog to keep up.

To be honest, I’m not 20 any more. I was constantly ready for whatever rodeo may present itself. Oh, did I mention we were trying to beat the storm that was brewing up and had dropped the temps by a good 10 degrees? Sounds like a great time to ride the greeny out in the open, yes?

I was impressed by how much he wanted to be out and exploring. I’ve been debating selling him so he will get used. I still haven’t made up my mind, but it did make me think about how nice it would be to have a horse that walks so freely down the trail. Sorry Ruby.

In the end, I was still in the saddle, his feet only floated slightly above ground and we had a kid free ride. Thanks Husband!

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